Makeup MAYhem; post 4


I love nail polish, have I mentioned that? My mom got me this gift set that came with 8, yes 8, new colors. I’m totally in love with each of them. The colors you can’t see in the back is a top coat, white with a hint of shimmer, (the perfect!) holiday red, and a pretty magenta. It also came with two perfect sized files, a buffer, and some toe separators. Great find, Mom!


While she was here, I also snuck this pale yellow color by CoverGirl in a purchase she was making. I’m thinking about hitting RiteAid (who’s have a Loreal sale, buy one product, get one 50% off) and grabbing two colors from their spring line, I just can’t figure out which ones. I need nail polish anonymous for sure.

Spring Nail Polish


Which one would you pick? I’m obsessed with the orange…so that is a must, but I need your help deciding the other color. (I have a few purples like that one, so that’s out…but the rest are fair game.) Leave me a comment and help me decide! Until tomorrow, Xo!


p.s. I’m so proud of my boys for pushing through and getting to game 5. Rick Nash (aka boo) with the pass of the year in overtime. #nyrbelieve baby! I sent this snapchat of Zoey to babytooth before overtime; she loves her some hockey!




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2 thoughts on “Makeup MAYhem; post 4

    • She said she found it at CVS. I’m always so surprised by wet n’ wild’s polishes. They don’t chip and the brushes are really big..! Hope you can find one near you, xo!

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