4pm pick me up!

Today’s pmu is actually a Makeup MAYhem post in disguise!! Here are two of my fave youtuber’s April and May Faves, enjoy, Xo!


I also have the Little Black Dress scent pouch…and LOVE it!


Okay, so quick side story, I went to Starbucks with my Mom when she was up visiting (I hadn’t been to ‘bucks in quite sometime..) and I had a bunch of stuff I was getting for some gals in my office. But I knew exactly what I wanted, a cotton candy frappuccino. So I walked in and proudly announced my order to the bartista to only have him say “HUH?”. I was like “Umm, it’s on your secret menu..?” To which he replied “We don’t HAVE a secret menu.” So I was all “WELL, why is my twitter BLOWING up with pictures of people getting them?!?” (You don’t ever get between me and cotton candy.) So then he looked at me puzzled and was like “well, we can make you whatever you want, but there is no. secret. menu.” I sighed and then said “it’s a good thing I know the recipe then, huh?” Then I proceed to give him the recipe and he went on to making the most delish frap ever! #nomnomnom (In case you’re dying to try it, it’s a double vanilla bean frap with 4 shots of raspberry-I got a medium- and volia, you have a drink that tastes like liquid cotton candy!) p.s. There’s totally a starbucks sercet menu website, go take a look at all the delish possibilities and just be sure not to say it’s off the “secret menu” 😉 ’til tomorrow, Xo!


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