Bachelorette Recap!

I watched last night with btooth and her mama, and we had the best time. Here’s what I thought of the show; I really liked the (here I go with the “really”s again..) dodgeball date. You can learn a lot about a guy in a competitive atmosphere. I was so bummed when Brooks (my front runner…if not for Des, then for me..!) got hurt. His finger got messed up pretty bad. I thought it was cool how she just let all the guys come and hang with her for the “date” part of the night. She’s really a great woman and I really hope she finds love, she just seems so genuine. The whole drama with Brian having a girlfriend back home really bothers me. It’s not fair to the other dudes she sent home and I’m proud of her for standing up for herself (& the girlfriend too) and sticking to their guns. I didn’t see him with Des anyway. Kasey’s date was okay, I don’t think they clicked like she does with some of the other guys. But the whole dancing on a building thing was pretty unique. The cowboy date made us laugh, but other than that we weren’t into it. We did however like James and his story and alone time with her. Next week’s looks great and I can’t wait already!


Side note, I’ve been keeping up the shred and if I haven’t done that, I’ve done some other sort of physical activity..if you follow me on twitter, you saw that I did squats for every commercial break during the Kardashians Sunday night and that was after I took Zoey for a 40 minute walk.


Tonight means PLL is back!! YAYYYY and my new addiction, Twisted, is on after. Look for a fun PLL inspired fashion post tomorrow 😉 Xo!


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