PLL Style

I’m going to do a mini series of Pretty Little Liars fashion. I loved the books and am addicted to the show. Each week I’ll showcase a different girl from the hit show. Emily is up first!


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Emily ‘s style is a mix of sporty and trendy. I could see her rocking this look to grab coffee with Paige or going to sneak into a dark basement with the other liars to track down red coat. A fashion trend I’d like to see Emily is a hi-low skirt. I’d have her pair it with a white crop top and a jean jacket. Some pretty teal lace up booties and some gold jewelry to pop off her olive skin.


To me, it’s still low key enough to be Emily, but something different. Let me know what you’d like to see Em in and what you thought of the summer premier and stay tuned for next week’s where I post about Aria’s look. Until tomorrow, Xo!


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2 thoughts on “PLL Style

    • Hanna is my fave and Spencer isn’t far behind. But I think I love all their styles, cause they’re so different! I’m doing Spencer’s style in two weeks-stay tuned, Xo!

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