Bachelorette Recap!

Sorry the recap is so late today, but I hope you enjoyed the book review. But as they say, “better late than ever”, here we go! I won’t lie, I missed the whole first date. I turned the tv on right as whatever his name was crying that “he just couldn’t believe it”. I really would like to find a guy that would cry over me after only 4 weeks (& would let me date a few other guys at the same time…kidding! Or am I?) The group date was awesome! So funny and just a good atmosphere. I actually got an invite to go to the taping of that event in Atlantic City. (It was such short notice, I couldn’t get off from work, otherwise I woulda been there..) I thought that Brooks was going to win the whole thing, but when he came in third, I knew Kasey was going to take it. I still have Brooks as the front runner, but I’ve heard that he may become the next Bachelor. And if that’s the case, then sign me up for his season! (I’m reallllyyyyy into long hair lately.) I really liked the last date of the night. It shows so much of Des’ good nature and great character that she is willing to give her whole night to someone in need. I don’t think she’ll end up with James, but I’m happy he was honest with her about her past. You can’t have a relationship without it. Next week looks really great, I love when they start the traveling portion of the show. Laters, xo!



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