Birthday Countdown & cancer fun facts!

For those of you who don’t know, I turn the big 2-9 on the 18th of this leading up to it, I’m going to post some fun facts about my astrological sign, Cancer. I follow a few cancer traits twitters and I’m always stunned of how much of a “cancer” I am.

“What means the world to a cancer; finding a loyal partner, a true friend, and having family around all time.” via @bestofcancer

“Cancer’s love having deep conversations with their best friends” via @bestofcancer

“Cancer’s get overprotective at times, but only when they know something is not right” via @bestofcancer

All of those apply to me and almost all the cancer’s I know. If anybody reading this is a fellow cancer, tell me, do these apply to you as well? Until tomorrow, my friends, Xo!


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