Bachelorette Recap!

Okay, I missed the first date, but caught the end where Drew was telling Des about James and what he said. I think he was sincere when telling her, but I think that Des is a smart girl and she’ll take care of business on her own. The soccer date was really cute. I liked how Juan Pablo was really showing off for her, I think that’s cute. Ummm, Des is reallllly into Chris. She wrote him a poem and it seemed like she was trying to win him over. Very interesting. I’m still team Brooks tho (as in, I’ll take him off her hands if she doesn’t want him..) The second one-on-one with Zak was a fun idea. Taking an art class is a different idea for a date and it’s something I’d like to do. Other than that, I don’t really see them together in the end. I think he’s a good guy, just not the one for her. The Drew/James fight was stupid to me, and I always think it’s funny to watch guys fight like girls. I will say I like the added drama tho. I feel like this season isn’t bringing it with the overly romantic dates and those are the ones I always really like. Next week, should be a good one!

Cancer fun facts!

“cancers hate to disappoint others” via @cancersareus

” cancer will shower you with their gifts.. They will cook for you, take care of you. they spoil their lovers” via @cancersareus

“cancers are hard to please” via @cancersareus

All of those apply to me for sure. And I don’t just spoil my “lovers”, I’ll spoil anyone I love. I really enjoy reading about my sign and seeing how much of a cancer I am. It’s crazy to me. Til tomorrow, xo!

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