I almost can never say TGIF cause I work Saturdays, but this week I can! Tomorrow btooth and I leave good old NY to head to meet up with her parents at our fave remote vacation spot! I can not wait. This week at the office has been especially hectic and I’m always ready for time away from the store, so I really can’t wait. The last time I got to vacation with btooth’s fam was the summer of 2010, so it’s been way too long. I plan on doing a whole lot of sunbathing, laughing, and relaxing. Oh yeah, and I’ll be turning 29 somewhere in between. Then we head home (a nice 13 to 14 hour car ride) and then it’s finnnnnaaaalllllyyyy Justin time! I can honestly say it feels like forever ago I purchased the tickets. Anywho, have you ever gotten so sucked in via a website that you look at the clock and can’t believe you’ve been on there (insert ‘x’ amount hours here)? Yeah, I got sucked into BakerGirl’s  blog the other night..I’ve made a few things off of her site before, but I could look at her drool-worthy pictures all day long. I dare you not to fall in love with her & her recipes!


Onto some cancer fun facts!

“When a Cancer falls in love they expect nothing less than total commitment and devotion. Romantic and idealistic..” via @tscpcancer

“The Cancer Lover negative traits: Possessive, Over sensitive, Moody, Jealous, Clingy..” via @tscpcancer

” cancers never forget.. You will be amazed how they can remember your words verbatim” via @cancer69_

All of them are me-the second to a point, the last one is me-wayyyy tooo much. Until tomorrow, Xo!


Oh, p.s. I will have a post posting every day I’m away, so be sure to look out for them. & I’ll have a huge 3 part vacation & Justin recap starting on Monday the 22nd!

If you can’t wait til I get back to see all the fun I’m having on vaca…

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