Here it is…

My huge vacation recap! Okay, by huge, I mean big on the words, small on the photos. I barely took any pictures. But anyways, let’s get down to business.

Babytooth and I had a good flight down to our vacation destination, Pawleys Island (we were only delayed a short time, but once we were in the air-zoom!) Once we met up with her parents, we stopped at The Fresh Market (which had the cutest mini basket carts-see the pic below!) and got fresh green beans and pecan-crusted porkchops, that were huge. We cooked them on the grill and they were divine. We also got peanut butter chocolate tarts and toffee cookies. (If you have a Fresh Market by you, I’m extremely jealous of you.)


How gorgeous are these roses at Fresh Market?IMG_2076

The next day, we got up nice and early and hit the golf course for a lovely walk.

IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2080 IMG_2082 IMG_2083

After hitting the beach and pool, babytooth and I ran to the store and got supplies to make a bbq chicken dinner! I even folded the napkins extra fancy to add to our decor. That night I whipped up the strawberry peach sangria (that I forgot to put strawberries in..) It was another delicious evening!

IMG_2084 IMG_2085 IMG_2086 IMG_2088 IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2092

Monday, we hit the beach and pool, then got dolled up to head to Charleston to shop a little and go to one of my most favorite restaurants, Magnolia’s. Charleston always inspires me. I love everything about it, from the candy shops with homemade fresh fudge to the secret gardens in between the old bulidings. It’s a classic town and a must see if you’re ever down south. We first went to Magnolia’s 4 years ago once for lunch, but babytooth and I couldn’t stop raving about it. So we knew it was a must this trip. It’s classic old southern food in a beautiful environment and I ate my body weight. Oh and had the most delish Bellini. (Okay, I’ll just confess now, all I did all week was eat and layout. And read and laugh. It was freaking awesome.)


Tuesday, we had to take a break from the sun. So we headed to Eggs Up Grill & Market Commons to get some bfast and shopping in. How crazy looking are those plants? From a distance you think they’re flowers, but up close they’re actually flowers! And then that night we went to a fab restaurant with two of our favorite locals. We had a great time all catching up and laughing. I had this amazing 14 (let that sink in….1-4) layer caramel cake. Nomnomnom.


Babytooth drew this beautiful portait of me at breakfast

IMG_2105 IMG_2103

Wednesday,  after a nice walk it was back to the beach and pool after. We had burgers and a delish strawberry shortcake roll for dessert. We watched HoneyBooBoo Scratch and Sniff and just had a fun night.


We played a great game of “Find the worst thing in here” at Eagles. And this clearly won.

Thursday, our last day & my birthday. We had the most amazingly delicious breakfast I’ve ever had. Babytooth made cinnamon roll french toast. It was too die. I got the two funniest cards and 3 beautiful Alex and Ani bracelets.

IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108


IMG_2117 IMG_2112

After I stuffed my face, we piled in the car and I crossed something off my 30 before 30 and drove my fam to the beach! After a beautiful day at the beach, we hit the pool, got dressed up and headed to another one of my all time fave restaurants, Rice Paddy in Georgetown. Babytooth and I always get the same thing and it didn’t let either of us down. It was the perfect way to end the trip!

On our way home, I took this picture at a Waffle House in Virginia.


Political statement or just a funny way to display Pooh’s sad friend? You decide!

I hope you enjoyed this recap of my fabulous vacation. I have tons of fun posts lined up for next week, can’t wait to share, Xo!

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