Goodbye July!

As we say goodbye to yet another month of 2013 (anybody else feel like the year is flying by?!?) I figured I’d share a few things with you that will be happening around here to come. There will be plenty more book reviews coming up in the weeks to come, so check back on Mondays to see what I’ve been reading. Starting this Friday, I’ll be having a new weekly/bi-weekly post that I’m super pumped for. As always, 4pm pick me ups will be on Thursdays. And I will finally finish up, my ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fashion round up! And at the end of August, I will be hosting a giveaway! So stay tuned, lots of good things are in store!


This e-card is me in a nut shell. We met the cutest little girls at the beach and I couldn’t stop talking to them about Selena Gomez and Austin & Ally. I’ll be obsessed with Disney forever. Xo.


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