DIY: Bridal Towel Cake

When my mom was here in May, we tackled this ‘Towel Cake’ for my cousin’s wedding. Here’s her step-by-step instructions on how to make this classic wedding gift.

Bridal Towel Cake

Here’s what you will need:

 4 wash clothes, 4 hand towels, 4 bath towels
 Decorations: your choice use your imagination…ribbon, flowers, crystals, pearls
 To attach: large safety pins (which you will remove after sewing). large needle & thread the same color of the towels, straight pins to secure decorations

To make a towel ‘wedding’ cake you will need 4 wash cloths, 4 hand towels & 4 bath towels…decorations such as ribbon, flowers, crystals, I like to match the wedding theme & colors. The cake will be 3 tiers made by rolling the towels.

  • Tier 1 fold 1 bath towel in half long ways, then fold longway again making a thick strip about 6 inches long. Roll tightly & secure with a safety pin or a string around the outside tied tightly. Once all layers are complete you will stitch the edge to hold it together.
  • Tier 2 using tier 1 as your size guide roll all 4 wash clothes, then roll a folded bath towel around them…secure as tier 1.
  • Tier 3 using tier 1 as your size guide roll all 4 hand towels, then the remaining 2 bath towels, secure.
  • Stack the layers as you would a cake & check for sizes of the layers, depending on the sizes of your towels you may need to adjust what is in each layer to achieve the right ratio.
  • Once you have the sizes adjusted, sew the end of the towel in long but tight stitches to hold the roundness of the layers.
IMG_1916 IMG_1918
Time to decorate your cake: Simple ribbons around each layer or cascading flowers; or a combination of both. An inexpensive cake top, flowers or the couples intials can serve as your cake’s top. Be creative with your cake.
Here’s a picture of our finished product. (Excuse Zoey’s toys in the background.) We went simple and rustic. Just doing a deep maroon ribbon and the a maroon gingham pattern for a bow. For our topper, we found this pretty big flower that matched the colors. We’re proud of it and got lots of compliments on it, until tomorrow, Xo!
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