These are my obsessions..

Please say you as you read that, you actually sung it in your mind to the tune of Usher’s Confessions pt.2. No? Okay, try it now please. Fun, right?!

Okay so I’ve decided that I’m going to be a weekly/bi-weekly obsessions post (think three obsessions posts, but better!) Let’s get started!


This headgear (handband) from Urban Outfitters I got on vacation is everything. You can wear it like a mid forehead band or an actual headband. It adds the right about of trend to any outfit.

I’m more than obsessed with this glass my Aunt got me. It’s also from Urban Outfitters and it makes me smile with every sip!


I didn’t think the mid finger ring was a trend I could get on board with, cause I have pretty large fingers, but I love it. It’s so pretty I can’t even handle it. I want more asap. It’s also from Urban.


On my nails (& toes) is one of my most fave colors, OPI’s Rumples Wiggin’. It’s from a couple of Springs ago, but I fall more in love with it whenever I put it on.

So that’s this week’s post. I hope you all enjoyed it, until tomorrow, Xo!

To get a better look, check out these links;



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