A tribute…

To one of my most favorite things, ever. *nsync!


I can’t even begin to describe what those 5 guys meant to me growing up. I was obsessed with them. I saw them 9 times in concert and each time was better than the last. I was the definition of a “fangirl” wayyyyy before it was such a thing. My walls were covered with posters, mostly of Jt, but I had a bunch of group shots too. 3 out of 5 of them touched my hand (yes, Justin was one of them…#swoon) So you can imagine what happened to me when I read the news about tonight’s reunion VMA performance. I’ll admit it. I cried. At work, in my cubicle. Yes, you read that right, I’m 29 and I cried at work cause of a boy band. But I want you all to realize this. I always have at least one of the cds in my 6 disc player in the car, I thinking about watching popoddyessy live on dvd at least once a week, and I will still get into a scrap with anyone who thinks BSB is better. *nsync is one of those things that still can put a huge smile on my face. The boys will forever be one of my most fave things and probably my most fave music act. I’m not one to ever wish away a day off, but come on 9pm, get here already! Xo.

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