Happy Five-day!

I’m a bad blogger. I have no pictures to add to this post. But anywho, here’s my top five things of the week!

  1. I got to see peanut yesterday and even tho it was only an hour of time with her, it was perfect. She’s the tiniest, sweetest little angel ever. I’m so obsessed with her.
  2. I’ve fallen back in love with SoBe lifewater Fuji Apple Pear. It’s so delish.
  3. I’M OBSESSED. NO WAIT, BEYOND OBSESSED with Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I cannot wait to post my review for it. I want to read it every second of every day and am literally savoring it. It’s freaking ah-mazing.
  4. The background on my iPhone. It’s from Pinterest and it’s colorful and says “Think Happy Thoughts”. It’s a good reminder.
  5. Football is back! I can’t wait for the Giants game on Sunday night (okay, okay, that’s techinically next week, but hey, it’s been a slow week.)
  6. And a 6th one as a bonus, I believe everyone should have a dinner/shopping date with their best friend mid-week. It really helped break up the week and was exactly what we both needed. Love our time together babytooth, more than you’ll ever know.

Laters, Xo! ps. I promise next week’s Happy Five-day will be better…I may even link up for a High Five for Friday 😉

pps. Happy 80th Birthday to my most favorite man in the world-Grandpa, I love you, you’ll always be my best bud, XOXO!

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