Happy Birthday!

To my baby, my princess puppy, my buggy. Zoey is 2 today! I can’t believe my puppygirl isn’t a puppy anymore. I love my little fluff ball, sweet, burst of energy pom more than I can express to you. In honor of her big day, I’ll share the story of how I became Zoey’s mom.


It was a Tuesday when I got Zoe. It was down pouring rain and I had a terrible day. Long story short, I was surprised at the pet store while playing with this 2 pound black fur ball that I was officially her mom. She was an early Christmas gift and I was head over heels in love. I had no idea I would be leaving there with a dog, so on the way home, we made a pit stop to pick up supplies for this new 2 month old baby. On the way home, we threw out name ideas. Nothing really stuck, so by the time we got home to face the music of bringing home a dog to my dad, we had nothing. He fell instantly in love with her (the first picture I sent to baby bestie was of her on his lap) and I started calling her “Minnie”. I always loved the name for a pet and tried it out for a cat, but after calling her “Minnie Mouse” one too many times, it had to go. So here I was, finally with my Minnie.

Photo on 2011-11-29 at 21.54 #2Photo on 2011-12-19 at 21.51

But it didn’t fit her. So all Wednesday, I stayed home and played and tried to teach her to go potty on her pee-pee pads, not calling her any name. That evening, we googled dog names and were between, Jasmine and Paisley. Jasmine was my 2nd cats name, so I wasn’t hooked on it. So Paisley it was. Thursday, I brought her to work with me and gushed about “Paisley” to everyone.

Photo on 2012-02-10 at 16.35IMG_0395


When I got home, I still wasn’t conveinced, so I texted my mom. “I need help naming the baby. Got any ideas?” She instantly texted me a bunch, but no one was hooked on one or the other. Then I got a text from her that said “Tracy said Zoey.” (Tracy is my mom’s boss.) And I repeated it to aloud. And we just knew. Zoey was her name and it just fits her perfectly. We joke that her middle name is “Kardashian” or “Dash” cause she has black hair and loves to be the center of attention. Her nickname is Buggy or Bug, cause she is my little love-bug. I can’t believe she’s two already. She brings more joy to my life than I ever knew a 11 pound creature could. Til tomorrow, Xo.


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