Fall TV Preview!

I love Fall and one of the reasons is new shows to fall in love with! Nothing like a rainy cold Sunday to curl up and get sucked into a new series. Here’s a list of Fall shows I can’t wait to see!

  • The Vampire Diaries- we all know I’m obsessed with series. It’s by far my favorite show.
  • The Amazing Race- which is my favorite reality show ever.
  • Sleepy Hollow- only watched the pilot, but my Dad and I are hooked! Great fall/Halloween show
  • Grey’s & Revenge- I put this two together, cause they’re on my list, but I’ll most likely dvr.
  • Nashville- I still haven’t seen the season finale, I better get on that.
  • Hostages- only 13 episodes, but it looks amazing.
  • The Following- omg, I cannot wait.
  • PLL Halloween Special- Duh. After that Summer finale, I’m counting down the days.
  • Halloween Wars- it’s on food network and it involves pumpkin carving, desserts, and scary themes. Last year’s was legit.

Let me know what you’re most looking forward, until tomorrow, Xo!


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