It’s Five-Day!

Another week under our belts, as well as another month. I welcome October with open arms because September surely had it’s ups and downs. But enough with that here’s a glimpse at my week.


On what was a fabulous fall day, we had a beautiful balloon send off for Grandpa.


Have you seen the candy corn flavored m&ms?! If you have and thought “Hmm, weird.” They are delish and you can only eat a couple cause they’re so sweet.


First apple fritter of the fall!


Ummmmm….one of my fave comedians favored not one, but two of my tweets!


The boys are back! Let’s go Rangers!! #LGR #Cleanslategrabit

My mom’s in town for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow. And Sunday we’re just going to have a low-key kinda day with maybe some brunch. Who know’s where the weekend will take us. I hope whatever you have planned, I hope you make the best of it, xo!


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