Hello Friday, happy we meet again. I had tons of overtime to work at the office this week, so let’s just dive right in.

maybelline baby lips dr rescue 1000

1-I’M OBSESSED with baby lips again. The new Dr. Rescue one is amazing! I have it in ‘coral crave’ and couldn’t be happier!


2-American Horror Story: Coven is my new fave show. I never hopped on the AHS bandwagon and I’m kinda bummed about it. I may need to get netflix so I can watch the first two seasons. I’m really glad each season is different, cause I know I’m going to love this show!!


3-My cousin, Jenn married her prince this past weekend and it was a beautiful day. It may have been a rocky road getting to the point of beauty for the reception, but I’m honored I got to help in such a big way. ps. Wedding selfies with your parents are the perfect thing to do during dinner.


4-My co-workers at the office are probably my number 1 fave thing about the week. I’m getting closer to them everyday and even the ones I don’t interact with everyday. I’m so grateful for them and I love our little email convos 😉


5-My pink pen! Makes me feel like Barbie and I just love it. Oh and it writes super nice too!

Relaxing weekend on deck with work Saturday. I can’t wait to do absolutely nothing Sunday, xo!

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