October Boo-uty!


As I was in the shower the other day I looked around and realized I have a problem. A shampoo problem. I started to take inventory and guess how many FULL size shampoos I have in there? Go on guess…

If you guessed 9, then you’d be correct. Apparently I’m a shampoo hoarder.


They all serve a purpose tho. My hair gets used to products really fast so I have to be ready to change them up every other shower. I always wash my hair twice..Every shower. Here’s what I use for that, Suave Color Protector, Suave Kertain Smooth, Suave Kertian Shine, Tresemme Spilt Remedy, Theramsilk Volumizing, Nexxus Smoothing, & John Fredia Blonde Highlight Enhancing Formula. And then I wash with either one of these, Herbal Essance Drama Clean or Aussie Clenese and Mend

I’m not a name snob either as most of these are pretty cheap. I don’t worry about the price tag, I worry about what works. I always have a couple samples of the new John Fredia blonde shampoos and a keep a travel size bottle I fill with a purple shampoo that I only use every 2 weeks. Let me know what shampoo you love cause well I’m always in the market. Until next time my pretties, xo!


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