Five-day = f.u.n!

Woo, this week flew by! I stayed at work late and got there early, but all and all it was a great weekend. This post won’t be full of pics (boooo!), but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Not really sure what’s on deck for the weekend since my plans fell thru and the peanut and her mama are extremely sick, so I think the sleepover is canceled :(, but I’ll make the best of my time. Til Monday, xo!


25 days of Christmas schedule is officially out and I’m so happy about it!

I broke up the beginning of my week with dinner & drinks with my two new friends from work. I couldn’t be more happy with my new friendships. This article is really interesting about “courting” friendships and we think it applies to us!

Speaking of new friends, MK sent me this article and it fits how I feel perfectly and also helps me rest assured that others in my age bracket feel the same.


Essie released their winter collection…can’t wait to pick up ‘Sable Collar’ and ‘Shearling Darling’. Btooth picked up ‘Mind Your Mittens’ so I will have to borrow it. (muhahahahahaha)

That video cracks me up. She does the best Kourtney impression I’ve ever seen! #overit *be sure to hover over it to turn on the sound!

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