A Book In Review.

Bad Land
Title: Bad Land
Author: Jonathan Yanez 
Expected publication date: October 1st 2013
Publisher: Limitless Publishing 
Brief Summary:
At only twenty-three Marshall Montgomery is the youngest reporter to have ever worked at his newspaper in Los Angeles county. His life has been his job. But something is about to happen that will force him to confront the painful memory of his sister’s death and open him to a world very much apart from his own.
A young girl has been found dead in Wakan Canyon. A place Marshall will find that has a past filled with violence and bloodshed. Hundreds of years ago Native Americans fought over the land and even today lives are being taken to protect a secret. Deep within the canyon there is a power that has been hidden by generations of the area’s inhabitants. There is a dark force that has corrupted every single one of its owners since the beginning of time. Now, trying to discover the truth, Marshall finds himself caught in a
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book got off to a slow start, but once it got going I wasn’t disappointed. The twists and turns didn’t stop until the very end. The mystery of the story keeps you guessing. The characters are all really likable and develop as the story goes on, you feel like you’re growing with them and becoming part of the story. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, a little bit of mystery, and a little bit of supernatural , then this 3 star book is for you, xo!
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