This week dragged on…for me at least. Pretty fun weekend ahead, Jazzercise again tomorrow, then hitting Ikea with Jord. Dinner plans tonight with one of my oldest friends, JMichele-I can’t wait to just catch up! But until Monday pretty people, xo! *ENTER THE GIVEAWAY-It ends today!!


The perfect fall treat; cider donut and fresh apple cider.


How funny is this mini post-it paper plane that Monica flew to me at work?

I went to Jazzercise on Wednesday with MK and it’s no joke my friends. I actually can’t believe how difficult parts of the strength training class were. I think I’m going to turn into a Jazzercise junkie tho, cause it was a lot of fun!


Dinner with my besties is always a good time, even when they pick on you for ordering buttered noodles. #hatersgonnahate


I really think I spend too much time thinking about nail polish. Here’s two colors I plan on wearing this month. ‘All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)’ & ‘My Private Jet’ (which is one of my all time faves.)

ps. Enter my giveaway!

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