Red Lipstick on A Regular Woman.


Red lipstick as quickly become my obsession. That being said, I still haven’t tried it myself. So this new series will document my journey to red lips. The first step to my red lips involves asking everyone*, and I mean everyone, I know to attempt red lips as well. Hopefully I will get others on board to just giving it a whirl once. I just want other’s to try it and see how they react to seeing themselves with red lips. The next stage will involve a diy lip scrub to get my lips good and ready. Stage three will be the shopping for the perfect red lip. And last, but not least stage four wearing the red lip in 3 different settings-at the office, out with friends, and to the grocery store. (the last one is pretty random, yes, but I feel like that’s the perfect place to take the red lips cause well it will be in an awkward setting so that will force me to be confident with it. Reverse psychology people.) I hope you join my on my journey of “red lipstick on a regular woman”.

*If you’d like to join in stage one, post a comment below with your photo of you rocking your red lip! Or tweet me @kmpevents or show me on instagram; kmp718 #redlipssinkships


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