Black FIVEday!

Happy Black Friday, if you’re a shopper! If not, Happy Friday! Had an awesome short week of work. Thanksgiving eve was a blast out with some friends and Thanksgiving was probably my most favorite one to date! Today, November 29th is one of my favorite days of the year, it’s Zoey’s Gotcha Day (aka the day I got her!) It’s a day full of extra kisses, cuddles, and of course toys! She’s OBSESSED with the first one she got. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, xo!



Finally found my perfect red lipstick-MAC Prepare for Pleasure. Wore it out with my dolls Tgiving Eve!



Between puzzles, crack the case, food, letters to Santa, and Frozen-triplet night was a major success. Btw, I HIGHLY recommend Frozen. It may be the best movie I’ve seen in years. LM bought me the soundtrack as an early Xmas gift, so obsessed!



A closer look at what I asked Santa (aka Tim Allen) for…!


How presh is my baby?


Sable Collar from the Essie winter collection is up next for the mani/pedi.


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