Ah, happy Friday my beautiful babies. Happy the end of the week is here-any week after a long weekend is terribly long. But anywho, some shopping on deck with btooth and our mama tomorrow & hopefully some Holiday fun and decorating with baby bestie Sunday. Until Monday, keep it real, xo!


Ah, my most favorite female singer turned 32 on Monday & released her 8th studio album on Tuesday which makes for a fabulous week! #britneyjeanismyjumpoff


Sunday, Jord and I went to Harney & Sons tea shop. We shopped around and had brunch. It was a delicious morning!


OMG how amazing was The Sound of Music Live last night?!?! Ah, Carrie Underwood is PERFECTION. ps. I was a nun in this production when I was in middle school-had a solo and everything 😉


Catching Fire was ah-maze. We loved it. I really appreciated how much like the book it was.


Just picked up this tea that missglamorazzi recommended in her November favorites vid. It’s literally Xmas in a cup…YUM!


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