Silly things to get you in the holiday spirit…

I love vlogmas on youtube; I’ve been keeping up with Elle & Blair Fowler (click on each of their names to be brought to their individual youtube pages. ps. I’m madly in love with Elle’s intro jingle- I sing it constantly.) and I’ve been LOVING Ingrid’s DIY December videos. It’s a really fun take on vlogmas.

We all know I’m OBSESSED with the cheesy made for tv xmas movies. The cheesier, the better. Some of my faves are Dear Santa, Christmas EveryDay (Classic!), and Borrowed Hearts.

Every year it’s been on, I’ve loved The Sing Off. It’s seriously fun and the acapella is legit.

Christmas music is by far my favorite thing to listen to (besides Jt and Brit) If you’ve never listened to the Hanson Snowed In album, please do yourself a favor, it’s been my fave xmas album since 1997.

I love to drive around looking for lights and I’m extremely lucky that I live so close to this amazing Christmas display. It’s a new tradition that we take baby bestie to each year-this will be our third year. In person it takes your breath away & the take all the donations and give them to charity. Go checkout their website here.


Leave me a comment of your fave things to do to get in the Holiday spirit, til tomorrow sweetpeas, xo!


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