12 days of xmas; days 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

If you remember last year, I did a series of my 12 days of Christmas gifts from my mom. I figured I’d do it again this year, so let’s get caught up! Last year’s theme was cupcakes and this year’s is things that go on your hands- I guess it after day 2…what can I say I’m good with guessing gifts.

The photo will be up later today. I was wayyy lazy last night when I finished this post and still had to do my damn squats for the 30 day squat challenge. I’m a bad blogger. 

Day 1-I got this cute nail caviar set. The bright pink is so fab for spring and summer. I’m sure once I use it I’ll show you. Day 2- I got this cute pair of Xmas oven mits! Day 3- was a nail file & buffer in one Day 4- was a pretty big ring. & Day 5– I got two pairs of gloves!

I can only hope there is more nail polish headed my way 😉  xo!


PS.  A HUGE birthday shout-out to my favorite guy in the world, my Daddy! (If you follow me on twitter, I refer to him as Don.) And another big bday shout-out to my other dad, Uncle Ron! (They’re twins if you didn’t gather that already…! My grandparents were very clever with their names…)


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