Fiveday-I never thought you would show up.

This week was l-o-n-g…my work Xmas party was last night (aka tonight when I’m writing this) and all I can say is don’t not eat lunch, have 5 glasses of champagne and then pinky promise a guy you’ve talked to three times in your whole life that you will play ice hockey with him. (I really don’t know how that happened and as it was going down I actually thought “ummm what?!”) If it happens, you’ll know. Let’s dive right into this fiveday post, which is really four things…


Last night, I took this picture with my department and these 4 woman mean more to me than they’ll ever know.


Baublebar posted their version of this mad libs letter to Santa.  I typed it up and made my co-workers do it. Here’s mine.


I got an early Xmas gift this week. I’m OBSESSED with her.


MK & I had a heart to heart and romantic dinner at the party. #cheers

How is Christmas next week already?! I’m so behind. I have so much left to do…aka all my shopping. Til next time my beauties, xo!


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