A book in review.


Over my teeny break away from the blog, I read and LOVED Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It was the third and final book in the Divergent series. You can see my reviews of the other two books here. I couldn’t wait for this book to come out and it took me a while to get around to it. I knew that once I started it, that I wouldn’t be able to put it down. Let’s just say this, when I wasn’t reading it, I was constantly thinking about what who happen next and where this finale would lead. I think the author ended the series perfectly. She does justice for each of the characters you fell in love with along the way. I’m sad it’s over. I can’t wait to re-read the series as a whole and just be stuck in the future with Tris and Four. If you love good series that are well written and thought provoking, have adventure, a love story, and true sense of values of staying true to you, then do yourself a favor and read the Divergent series. I can honestly say there’s not one book in the series that I didn’t love and that’s had to come by these days, xo!


ps. check out the trailer for the movie which comes out in March 2014-looks pretty spot on to the first book!


pps. Happy Birthday to my most favorite aunt ever (aka Mom!), I hope your day is filled with rest, relaxation, and movies!

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