Peach & Pit 2013 Edition

So here we are at the final day of 2013, overall it was a decent year. Let’s look back at my peaches and pits!


  • Hockey coming out of the lockout in January is definitely a highlight. Finding my (pretend) hockey husband in Rick Nash is purely icing on the cake.
  • Getting a new job which I can turn into a career. Let’s face it, insurance isn’t going away anytime soon. I’m so thankful for my job and that I get to learn something new everyday.
  • Leaving the store in October is both a peach and a pit. It had become a burden working two jobs and it was becoming exhausting dealing with the same bs and nothing ever changing. The store built me into the worker am I today tho, and taught me a lot about work ethic and business (as well as wine and liquor.) I also gained some extremely valuable life lessons and friendships there, but let’s face it the change of scenery helped me move forward emotionally.
  • My new friends! I’m so thankful for all the new relationships I’ve developed in this past year and can’t wait to see where they head this year.
  • Vacation was the best one I’ve had to date. It was absolutely perfect.
  • I’ve saved the best peach for last, July 20th at Yankee Stadium seeing JayZ and JT! It was such a fun night and the show was perfect. I wish I could relive that night over and over again.


  • Losing Papa in September was awful. I’m thankful that I was able to spend more time at the house this past year and really see what true love is all about. I know that he is watching over Gram and everyone everyday, but it’s still hard to walk past his room and not see his tv on.
  • Finding out that my department is getting shut down. We found out in October and it was terrible. I don’t even want to think about what it will be like when we all have to go to our new positions. We truly are a family and I couldn’t have been more blessed in becoming close to those 4 amazing women.
  • That awkward moment that happened at the gym in February. It’s hard to believe that happened this year, cause it feels like it was  lifetime ago. In fact, my old life feels like a lifetime ago.

I always find it hard to compile a list like this cause it’s hard to remember what I had for dinner yesterday. But LM, btooth,  and I did it the other night and we never got to our pits so that’s why mine are lacking. But I will say this, if I can’t remember any other bad stuff that happened this year, then it wasn’t a terrible year after all! Happy New Year’s all my beautiful readers, xo!


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