Fiveday fun!

Today’s five day is going to be a little different. It’s all going to be about my favorite thing that happened this week. On Monday night, 25 of some of the coolest people I know all went down to MSG to celebrate Jordan’s 22nd birthday with the NY Rangers! As you already know, the Rangers are one of my top 5 favorite things in life. I’m obsessed with them. Let’s dive right into my fave moments from the night…!


Sitting next to baby bestie.


View from our seats!



Manhattan is beautiful.


Birthday Princess!


When my favorite player scored not 1, but 2 goals, I went nuts!

IMG_3160 IMG_3166

Monica and I after the game.



Jordan’s birthday dream note! It was so hard keeping this a secret from her for weeks…!

The boys may have lost in a shootout, but we got 1 point from the game (& in hockey, points are everything.) We all had an amazing time. There is NO place like the Garden when the Rangers score! Until Monday, xo!

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