What’s on my iPhone…

There are a ton of YouTube vids and blog posts about what’s on people’s iphones. Today, I’ll share what’s on mine with you!


my lock screen and home screen backgrounds both came from google images.


From left to right; Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Productivity, Clock, Newsstand, Folder. Phone, Mail, Music, Safari


In productivity; Notes, Reminders, YouTube, Videos, Contacts, Compass, Calculator, Voice Memos, Stocks, Flashlight, Wells Fargo-bank app, Pic Stich-picture collage app


In folder; Cydia, Installous (both of those are because my iPhone is jailbroke), App Store, Settings, iTunes, Maps, Weather, P-Tracker Lite (period tracking app-fancy, I know)


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WeightWatchers, WordPress, Social, Games


In social; New York Rangers, NHL Game Center, Pandora, Pinterest, Backgrounds


In games; Emjoi Free, Game Center, The CW, Cut The Rope, Bag It!, Candy Crush, Winterboard (another app cause my phone’s jailbroke), Peggle, Michaels, Domino’s, Scramble With Friends


Pros of  having a jailbroke iPhone: is my pink keyboard. Cons: I can’t ever update and get the new software. There aren’t any good ios7 jailbroke systems out there. I’m due for an upgrade in April and am looking to get the iPhone 5S in gold-cause it’s so glam!

Do you have any apps that you’d think I’d like? Let me know! Laters, xo!

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