A look ahead…


For the month of February, on top of my regular posts (book reviews, Red Carpet Styles, 4pmus, & Fivedays) I’m going to do run a month long series named; febrYOUary. I’m going to have a DIY series, inspirational quotes galore, and maybe even my first Vlog! I think it’s a great time to celebrate all the good qualities of you! As far as the DIY series goes, I’ve always been a fan of craft projects. Lately, I’ve been watching tons of macbarbie07’s DIY videos and let’s not forget how obsessed I was with missglamorazzi’s DIY-December videos. I’m going to run a 4- week DIY project series. Each Tuesday, I will post a do-it yourself project of some sorts. I’ve been brainstorming ideas, but would love to hear if you have any ideas as well. To get excited for this series, head over to psimadethis which is one of my fave websites to sit and look at for hours. She’s a genius, I swear. I’m so excited for this month long febrYOUary series, can’t wait to get started! Cya manana, xo!


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