It’s Fiveday, Fiveday, gettin’ down on Fiveday…

This week was l-o-n-g. I don’t know if it was the bitter cold or what, I just feel like Friday was a million miles away, but it’s here now and I couldn’t be more happy about it. A nice relax weekend is on deck, with a lot of sports, crafting, & blogging! I can’t wait to see the handsomest man in the NFL win the SuperBowl Sunday, Let’s GO Broncos! Cya Monday, for day one of febYOUary, xo!

Linking up with Lauren!


Hanging with my fambam for the Rangers first outdoor game of the week kicked off the week right!


Dinner with the girls at Panera was terrible…can’t you tell by my completely empty bowl?!


Red lips and an old Tiffany’s necklace brighten my Thursday.


Happy 33rd Birthday to my ultimate man crush, Justin Timberlake. Image credit to google.


Started to get some fresh air and cardio on my lunch break with Krista. How beautiful is this view of the river from the walkway?

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