Hey my little lovebugs. Phew, what a week. I feel like all I do is start these posts by complaining about work. I won’t do that this week, not to say it’s gotten better, but I don’t want to complain about it. So instead I’ll tell ya what’s up for the weekend! Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a Heart Walk with some co-workers and then having dinner with my girls. I’m SO excited cause MK is finally going to meet babytooth & Sarah! I can’t wait to watch them become fast friends, I just know they’re going to. Sunday, I plan on reading, relaxing, watching some hockey, and shows. Catch ya’ll Monday, xo!

Linking up with Lauren


These were my favorite candies growing up, they remind me of my Great Aunt Dolly.get-attachment.aspx

A gorgeous day for a mid-lunch walk with Krista to blow off some stress.


Khloe’s insta posts have been on point lately…!


Coconut bubble tea with yogurt boba=delish!


A quick lunch time Marshall’s run with MK.

PS. Have you seen my giveaway?! No, then what the heck are you doing…Enter it now!


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