Thank god it’s Friday (night) and I justtttttttt got paid…

Please say someone else out there know’s that song?! My friend Laura and I made up a dance to the *nsync remake of it (if you know me personally, you probably just said “Of course you did”) Anywho, Happy Friday kittycats! I’m so thankful the week is o-v-e-r, they seem to take forever now. Not a whole lot on deck this weekend, sushi date tonight with Dawn & Sara, Rangers games, and relaxing! Hope you have a fab weekend, xo.

Linking up with Lauren!


Perfect treat after participating in a walk for charity.


OMG this churro dessert from Coldstone was heavenly. May have even been better than some sex I’ve had in the past…


Baby bestie is  definitely a Paine girl.


Snapped myself this snap of Zoey. She’s ALWAYS modeling.


How freakin’ cute are these pancakes?!? #elephantcakes? #yesplease


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