Howdy-Ho Ranger Joe! This week went by fairly quickly and I didn’t hate it. Not a whole lot of deck for the weekend, which is kinda nice since I had a pretty busy week. Let’s dive right into my top 5 from the week, xo!



I may have had whole wheat pancakes with bananas from IHOP twice this week. Can’t confirm or deny.

The girls and I did crossfit intro class three days in a row this week. It hurts to type this right now.


Say what you’d like, but I’m OBSESSED with this cover.


Loving gold pieces this spring. My new mix & match single earrings and double bar necklace are perfect.

Earrings; forever21 Necklace; lulu’s


Have you heard of shopkick?  It’s the funniest and coolest way to earn gift cards for your fave stores! It’s Supermarket Sweep meets The Amazing Race.

Linking up with Lauren!

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