It is Fiveday.

Woohoo, this week actually felt like Spring and I couldn’t be more happy. Work was okay this week, I’ve come to terms that I am one person doing two and half jobs. So there will be days, okay let’s face it, a lot of days when I leave there not feeling like I accomplished anything. But I’m just going to try my best. Baby bestie is staying at my house for the whole weekend. She and I are so excited, it’s like Christmas excitement. I remember when btooth used to spend weekends at my house, they were always the best. We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff planned. Enjoy your weekend, xo!


Spent some qt with my peanut, just her & me. I didn’t want to leave any toys out…


We also spent some time snapchatting. She’s mastered her funny face at 7 months old. #tooproud




Can’t wait to take baby bestie to get one of these bad boys.


I’ve been savoring each chapter. Delirium may be my favorite series…ever.

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