Product Review!!

I’ve been using the new Olay Fresh Effects Out Of This Swirled Deep Pore Clean Plus Exfoliating Scrub. The back reads: a Moisture-Rich Swirls and Exfoliating Microbead Ribbons team up to target dirt and impurities and reduce the look of pores. This foamy, rich formula also comes in three refreshing scents to awaken your senses. I’ve been using the white grapefruit and green tea one. I will it say it leaves my face nice and clean, I’ve been using it with my face scrubber. I don’t particularly care for the exfoliating part each time I was my face. I was looking for more of a deep cleanser, but it still gets the job done. When you rinse the product from your face it takes more than a few splashes to get all the product off. But besides that, I’m really into this face cleaner, my face always feels clean and refreshed, xo!


Olay Fresh Effects {Out of this Swirled!} Deep Pore Clean &  Exfoliating Scrub – 5 oz $6.99-$7.99




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