Get Unready With Me!


First, I remove all of my eye make up with my favorite makeup wipes, Maybelline Fresh Clean. Then I use the Olay Out of this Swirled wash with my cute little Olay face scrubber.

For reviews of each of the Olay products, head over here & here.


Next up, I use the Clean and Clear acne serum on my trouble spots, aka my chin area. Then I follow up with this night repair cream I got from CVS. I’m still in the market for a night cream, so if you know of any good ones, let me know!



Finally, I brush my teeth with my favorite toothpaste combo, the new Crest 3D white brilliance and brilliance boost.



Then it’s time for pjs, a good book, oh and night time fresh faced selfies of course, xo!






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