Hello, Friday….aren’t you looking good?!

See what I did there…I’m so punny. 😉 This week kinda took forever. Work has been crazy, one of my team members has been out on leave and the other one just left for her own leave, so it’s Kayla, party of 1. Besides that, I’ve just been going to crossfit and getting amped up for some Rangers playoff hockey! The first of my childhood friends celebrated her 30th this past Wednesday & I can’t wait to celebrate with her tomorrow. And Easter with the fambam Sunday, oh and game 2! #LGR, xo!


Officially one of those “crossfit people”. But I’ve accomplished so much this week, it’s kinda crazy. I rowed 2,000 meters in 9 minutes and 52 seconds. I was so proud of myself!


Snapping and blogging with Wally.


I’m border line obsessed with The Berry. If you look at my photos on my phone, there’s way to many screenshots from it.


Major hair envy.


How gorgeous is my phone background?! Courtesy of The Berry, of course!

Linking up with Lauren

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