Fiveday before a 3 day weekend = happiness!

Hey pretty people! Hope you had a fab week. Mine was good, went by a little slow, but hey it’s FINALLY Friday & I have no work Monday, so no complaints here! Not to much on deck this weekend, maybe a little geocaching aka checking another thing off my 30 before 30, but you know that I’ll be rooting on my Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals game 4. Catch ya’ll Monday, xo! *warning LOTS of food pics ahead…get-attachment.aspx

Nothing like a full rainbow on a rainy, gloomy day!get-attachment.aspx



Sweet treat from a co-worker that hit the spot.


This mid week dessert has become my new favorite.


Dani’s egg bake and an iced coffee, it was a good Thursday morning.



My gorgeous babygirl.

Linking up with Lauren!

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