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Brief Summary:

Think you would never date a married man? … Think again!

Rebecca Hardy isn’t a naturally deceptive person, but it seems her boyfriend might be—and when she theatrically catches him cheating, she decides she’s had it with these modern-day men who can’t commit. She has even less regard for these immoral modern day women, who don’t hesitate to prey on men in committed relationships. What is wrong with them?! Don’t they care that they’re breaking hearts and destroying lives?! Rebecca, with her high morals and family values, would never even consider dating a married man. Which is why her friends are so shocked when Rebecca finds herself doing exactly that—albeit at the fervent request of that man’s very own wife, the notorious Isabella Coombs.
At first, Rebecca likes to think of it as helping someone out—female camaraderie, and all that. But she doesn’t expect Isabella’s husband to be quite so charming…or for things to go quite so far.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Another great lounging by the pool read! This book is witty and fun. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud. Rebecca is extremely like able and you can’t help to want to see what’s next! I recommend this 3.5 star book to anyone who likes funny, British chick lit and a main character who will keep you on your toes, xo!

Author Bio:
Luckily I was born and raised in a City I love living in: London, UK. And it’s just as well, as I can barely afford to go on a camping holiday much less move. I have a gorgeous 9yr old daughter, yeah, I’m a single mom, (judge me later), and I like to think of myself as a yummy mummy, when in reality I’m still working on shifting this damn cellulite of my ass. I do actually make it into the gym from time to time, but mainly to appreciate the…ahem …view 🙂

So what kinda stuff do I write?

Well, I write what I love reading, Romantic Comedy and the original kinda British ChickLit. I don’t do vampires, werewolves, or horror, because sheesh, I wanna sleep at night. In my bed. Not underneath it. So if you like Bridget Jones or Shopaholic, then you might dig my stuff.

My heroines are women in their late twenties / early thirties. My heroes are hot, cute and not too hunky. My stories are about life, love and friendship, with a few twists and turns and tons of fun. They’re not particularly deep, nor meaningful, they’re a lighthearted, easy read, that go well with a glass of wine and a few chocs, and just might make you laugh out loud


Amazon USA: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J23I0S0

Amazon UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00J23I0S0





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This series should just be renamed, “Kayla wanted to post a pic of a Kardashian once a week and needed to call it something else”, but since that name is waaaayyyy too long, look of the week it is. And here’s mine!

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Khloe you are KILLING it. #wcweveryday

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Good last full week of June under my belt. Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead, dcom movie date night, girls’ night with some drinks, and studying on Sunday. Til Monday, xo!

Linking up with Lauren!


I tend to forget how pretty the area I live in is. An afternoon at the river was a nice reminder.


Went out on lunch to watch USA take on Germany!


My friend, Dana gave me one of her bday flowers.


Influenster hooked it up this month. Can’t wait to share my feelings about these…!

get-attachment.aspxHow freakin cute is this chocolate covered cherry mouse?!

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Julep Plie Wand Launch!

I’m beyond honored to feature a post on the new innovative product by Julep that launches today! There are certain things that come into your life and you think “why didn’t I think of that?” or “where have you been my whole life?” The Plie Wand is definitely one of those things.


To me, #4 is what makes this product so innovative. I mean, hello it curves to your hand! Julep isn’t your average nail polish company either. If you haven’t heard about them, they are the company that every month will send you new polishes and products straight to your door. For new Mavens, they have two subscription tiers: My Maven and Maven Luxe.

With My Maven, you’ll get $40+ worth of polish & product for $24.99/month, or $19.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.

With Maven Luxe, you’ll get $60+ worth of prestige products for $39.99/month, or $34.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.

Julep is a company that strives to deliver the best nail products to it’s consumers month after month. The launch of the Plie Wand shows that they are listening to what woman all around the world want to help them get the best at home mani they can! And think of what it’ll do to help you with the at home pedi too, no more having to become a contortionist. But don’t take it from me, check out the youtube link below to hear it straight from the mouth of the CEO of Julep.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T85L1lvHe8A Jane Park the CEO of Julep

Need some new Summer colors? Head over to check out Julep’s Summer line, I’ll be purchasing Carol and Maddy next chance I get.   http://www.julep.com/shop/nail-polish.html 

Want to hear more about this fun brand? Head over to their blog- http://www.julep.com/blog/julep-plie-wand-our-best-idea-yet/ 


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Want List!

I’ve always been a sucker for sets and deals. So when I stumbled on Sephora the other day I found some of the best deals, which naturally meant I had to put together a want list. Take a peak at what I’m in the market for, xo!


This Sephora limited edition box is Summer for your lips and nails. Can’t get much better than that and for only $25!


I plan on buying these Friday to go with my birthday outfit! And for $35.50, they’re absolutely perfect!-I just had to throw these wedges in the mix as well. Random, but so damn pretty!


I’ve always wanted to try these 3 products and what better way then to grab them in tester sizes in this box set for $18!


No better way to travel with perfume than these cute little guys. 6 tester’s for $24 and they smell like Summer!


This set has to be the motherlode of them all. Look at all the luxe products you get samples of for $45! This would be fabulous to bring on vacation, it has everything you could possible need!


I mean, who doesn’t want more Summer nail colors. Nails, Inc hooks you up for $25!


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16 little tips that changed my life

To me there’s nothing more valuable then little tips that you can give a friend, a stranger, or even your parents. I tend to always give tips to baby bestie every chance I get, she’s getting older now and I just want to share what knowledge (can we call it knowledge?) I have. Today I share some with you…

  1. Know your skin type. By this I mean your face skin type and your body skin type.
  2. Work with your skin type not against. For me, it means I should be moisturizing every chance I get.
  3. Wash & dry your nails before applying base coat or color.
  4. Use split end shampoo on the ends of your hair only! That’s what it’s made for. For me, I use a cleansing shampoo from my roots to mid length and then the split end stuff on the bottoms.
  5. Always carry a comb with you in your bag. Nobody likes a head full of knots.
  6. Q-Tips are perfect for touching up your eye makeup.
  7. Baby shampoo will get off even the best waterproof mascara.
  8. Do not, under any circumstances shave your legs dry with just splashes of water. You’ll be a bloody mess later.
  9. Keep more than one size tampon in your house and purse. Cause you never know how your flow will be. And also, your girlfriends will appreciate knowing that you’re always prepared.
  10. When using under eye concealer, make a triangle with the point facing your chin. This will blend better and really help cover those dark circles.
  11. Static Guard is your best friend. Spray it on your hair brush when you have hair that looks like you just walked thru a balloon maze.
  12. Change your signature scent at least once a year. You can always go back to it later.
  13. Btooth’s fave tip-spray your hair with some perfume.
  14. Candles can make even the coziest room more cozy.
  15. It’s never too warm to slather up your feet with a good moisturizer and put on fuzzy socks.
  16. Never underestimate what a little color to your inner corner can do to change up your whole look!


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