16 little tips that changed my life

To me there’s nothing more valuable then little tips that you can give a friend, a stranger, or even your parents. I tend to always give tips to baby bestie every chance I get, she’s getting older now and I just want to share what knowledge (can we call it knowledge?) I have. Today I share some with you…

  1. Know your skin type. By this I mean your face skin type and your body skin type.
  2. Work with your skin type not against. For me, it means I should be moisturizing every chance I get.
  3. Wash & dry your nails before applying base coat or color.
  4. Use split end shampoo on the ends of your hair only! That’s what it’s made for. For me, I use a cleansing shampoo from my roots to mid length and then the split end stuff on the bottoms.
  5. Always carry a comb with you in your bag. Nobody likes a head full of knots.
  6. Q-Tips are perfect for touching up your eye makeup.
  7. Baby shampoo will get off even the best waterproof mascara.
  8. Do not, under any circumstances shave your legs dry with just splashes of water. You’ll be a bloody mess later.
  9. Keep more than one size tampon in your house and purse. Cause you never know how your flow will be. And also, your girlfriends will appreciate knowing that you’re always prepared.
  10. When using under eye concealer, make a triangle with the point facing your chin. This will blend better and really help cover those dark circles.
  11. Static Guard is your best friend. Spray it on your hair brush when you have hair that looks like you just walked thru a balloon maze.
  12. Change your signature scent at least once a year. You can always go back to it later.
  13. Btooth’s fave tip-spray your hair with some perfume.
  14. Candles can make even the coziest room more cozy.
  15. It’s never too warm to slather up your feet with a good moisturizer and put on fuzzy socks.
  16. Never underestimate what a little color to your inner corner can do to change up your whole look!


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