Want List!

I’ve always been a sucker for sets and deals. So when I stumbled on Sephora the other day I found some of the best deals, which naturally meant I had to put together a want list. Take a peak at what I’m in the market for, xo!


This Sephora limited edition box is Summer for your lips and nails. Can’t get much better than that and for only $25!


I plan on buying these Friday to go with my birthday outfit! And for $35.50, they’re absolutely perfect!-I just had to throw these wedges in the mix as well. Random, but so damn pretty!


I’ve always wanted to try these 3 products and what better way then to grab them in tester sizes in this box set for $18!


No better way to travel with perfume than these cute little guys. 6 tester’s for $24 and they smell like Summer!


This set has to be the motherlode of them all. Look at all the luxe products you get samples of for $45! This would be fabulous to bring on vacation, it has everything you could possible need!


I mean, who doesn’t want more Summer nail colors. Nails, Inc hooks you up for $25!


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