Summer Pasta Salad

This recipe probably won’t knock anyone’s socks off, but I’ll share it anyway. Growing up in the Summer, my Grandma would cook early in the am so that the house wouldn’t get too hot-plot twist, my Grandparents didn’t have an AC. So in the mornings, she would head into the kitchen and make some side dishes to go with whatever we’d grill for dinner and on special, cooler mornings, she’d make brownies. So whenever it’s gonna get really hot, I’ll make this pasta salad in the morning and have leftovers for the week.


Summer Pasta Salad

1 box of tri colored pasta

1 bottle Zesty Italian dressing

Mini pepperoni

Sharp white cheese

Juice from half of a lemon

Black Olives optional

Boil the pasta to an al dente consisitancy. Drain the pasta and add to a bowl. Squeeze the half of lemon over the warm pasta and stir. Put pasta in the fridge to cool and start cutting the cheese (hahahahaha, I’m so mature.) into small cubes. I give the pasta around 30 minutes to cool off before I add the cubed cheese, dressing, and pepperonis. Put back into the fridge til it’s time to cool. Side note; I know people that do like to heat this up and have it warm, but I always eat it cold. Tip; making it in the morning like my gma did? Only use have the bottle of dressing. Add the rest right before you serve and mix well. Til next time, xo!


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