Product Review!


Hawaiian Tropic’s after sun lotion is my most favorite product of Summer. I heard about it last year from Elle-allthatglitters21 and she raved about how much you needed this product if you planned on hitting the beach. We picked up a few and it’s become a family favorite. The smell-hello, coconut papaya…yes, please- is amazing, it’s so tropical and fruity. And the geniuses over there at HT are giving you two products in one, it has aloe vera mixed in with moisturizer-every beach go-er’s dream! If you love to lay outside and get your tan on, you MUST purchase this product. This will help keep your skin nice and moisturized. If you are fair skinned and get burned badly, you MUST pick up this product. No more aloe vera in the fridge for you, cause this will cool your skin as it moisturizes so you won’t peel as bad. Til next time, xo!

*I received this product from influenster in exchange for an honest review.

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