#kaylas20plus10 recap!

Here’s my 20plus10 in pictures! I went down to AC with 7 of my closest friends (Missed you JMichele!) And we had an absolute blast. From relaxing on the beach, gambling, getting dolled up, having a fab dinner, chillin next to a bonfire-where they gave me the most thoughtful & special gift; personal written notes, I was a blubbering mess…!-to heading out of the town, it was the best way I could imagine bringing in a new decade. Okay enough chit chat, check out the photos!


the night before the big 3-0, I went for breakfast for dinner with my Dad, Grandpa, & baby bestie. she gave me the sweetest gift and card. How cool was the mani I did?!


road mimosas, a 2-disc edition of my fave songs, Mikhaila’s delicious donuts,  and some shots kicked off the day on the beach.


my beautiful dolls!


the coolest bathroom I’ve ever been in @ the continental


Sarah, baby tooth, yours truly, Dani, Jord, Monica, Mikhaila, Dana


 fun bday’ed out room


sunset carousel ride


before I became a hot mess because of the most thoughtful gift I ever received. each of their words made me feel incredible special. and there was some letters from some of my favorite people that couldn’t make it.


Sarah & b-tooth surprised me with a limo to head out to dance all night. it was so much fun, our driver was amazing!


made some new friends and stayed in VIP all night. my snapchat story was one giant “I bet you wish you were here” montage.

My 20plus10 was an amazing night and I can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store! Vacation recap will be up next week, xo!

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