FFF=Friday Fiveday Fun

First week back to work after vacation is always the hardest, but focusing on my fun weekly things made up for it. Lots of things will be happening around these parts in Augusts-tons of book reviews, new fashion stuff, new monthly posts, & more. I was truly inspired on vacation just by being able to relax that I want to dedicate more time for my blog and want to hopefully do a lot more collabs, so stay tuned, xo!

Linking up with Lauren!


Tuesday night froyo date night with JMichele is the perfect way to beat the mid week blues.

Received a pretty cool email for another great opportunity! Can’t wait to share more


Wednesday night dinner with this guy (& the fam-bam.)


Obsessed with my Rewined Chardonnay scented candle.


delish hot dog lunch date with MK. ps-that’s a chicken thai hot dog…yum!

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2 thoughts on “FFF=Friday Fiveday Fun

  1. Hi from the High Five for Friday linkup! I love froyo. I especially loved that yours was topped with a gummy frog. He-he. Have a great weekend!

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