Vacation Recap!

I had an amazing, relaxing time on vacation. It was tons of fun and I can’t wait to go back next year. I’ll let the pics do the talking 🙂



chickfila on the way down, belfies (bathroom selfie) with Jord, & Charleston started this trip off right.


posing in Urban, homemade spices at the market, words of wisdom at Sugar, Alex and Ani shopping, and a sunset group shot at the beach.


sunset at the beach, early morning reading on the porch, posing with babytooth, sipping hibiscus tea, and sunrise at the docks.


some of the delicious food I consumed. top left; Magnolia’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken, homemade Sangria for taco night-bottom middle. bottom left; Peach Sweet Tea cake at Magnolia’s. bottom right; the best place for Pralines.


Argo Tea is my favorite, my amazing Aunt and Uncle, not a trip to SC if we don’t hit up Eggs Up Grill. keeping it classy with a hot dog & glass of sangria. Babytooth and I like to wear the same color bathing suits without planning it. a coconut cream pie milkshake is the best way to end a day on the beach.

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